Do you have baking or cooking expertise or a special recipe that your friends just crave? Do you have dreams of working for yourself? Or have a food-based “side hustle” you’re ready to begin?

We’ll we’ve got the solution for you!

NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley has launched our very own incubator kitchen, the Millrace Kitchen, in the heart of Downtown Woonsocket, RI.

How it Works

  • You have the technical skill, an idea, time, passion, and a few resources to start your own food business.
  • You put in the work and come up with basic business ideas with our help and some Millrace resources. We start you on your way to entrepreneurialism with a business plan, marketing plan, brand, name, and a start-up cost list. All of the business basics that help you determine if the idea can be turned into a profit.
  • Once you have a basic idea of what your business is, what you’ll sell, and how you’ll sell it, the Millrace team ensures that you’re following the appropriate state and local guidelines for your business. This includes getting your food safety managers certificate, putting together your menu, getting your products tested (if applicable), and support through the process of getting licensed by the RI Department of Health to conduct your business out of the Millrace Kitchen.
  • You work closely with Millrace staff to become fully licensed business and start booking time in the kitchen to make the food products and sell them! The start-up timeline depends on you and how long it takes for you to get it all established.
  • You work to grow and develop your small business, participate in special member-only events, learn, and work hard!

It’s hard but seriously rewarding work. The collaborative environment Millrace environment affords you the opportunity to learn and experiment with a safety net of support. Millrace takes care of the big bills like equipment, gas, and chemicals. You get to focus on learning your own expenses, target marketing, and doing more of what you love.


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©2024 Millrace Kitchen is an initiative of NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley

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